Information on Optical Assembly

2Optical assembly simply means how something pertaining to optics/viewing devices are put together in the proper order. Optics are assembled by highly trained professionals. As each and every part lens, circuit boards etc, must all work in unison.
By the use of a 3 D imagery the optic assembly is viewed during the entire process. The optical device is first put together using the 3 D program then simulator test are run. The 3 D program allows the professionals who designed the device to run the optical device in a virtual setting. The device is tested , then analyzed for any problems. If it is determined the optical device will in fact work properly. Then the actual optical device is made.

Examples of Optical Assembly
Projector lens have eleven or more parts inside that all must work in unison. A light source as well as differently constructed lenses and a circuit board make up an optical assembly.
Spectrophotometer measures the quantity, the materials and or gasses. Using light as well as specific lenses combined with light waves analyzes a minute sample. This instrument is another type of optical assembly.

Measurement equipment is also a type of optical assemblies. The type of optical equipment like surveyors use daily to measure distance. A special telescope is mounted upon a tripod and then distance can be measured using a mathematical formula.

Optical Assembly areas of use
Optical Lens Assembly are used in everyday life here are some examples of where and how they are used. Meteorology is looking at the sky’s via a telescope. Industrial via lathes and precision machines to make products for consumers. The medical field via microscopes and other types of optical devices. Imaging for the military via using special viewing devices like night vision devices. Imaging for daily use like cameras and video recorders that make life fun.


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